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How to Pick an SEO Company

Deciding to hire any SEO company makes a major impact on your business. Only one thing is for sure: you have to make a smart choice. There are lots of options out there, but the quality of services and results they provide differs substantially.

Before signing a contract with a new SEO company, consider the following:Below are points to consider before you lock into a contract with a new SEO partner:Before partnering with a specific SEO firm, take the following into account:

SEO Magic Does A Lie

Forget companies that claim to have special tricks that work around Google’s algorithms, or those that paint a picture of mystique around SEO. Effective SEO is scientific – it demands in-depth knowledge of search engines operations, as well as careful attention to detail, and regular updates, since Google’s algorithms evolve nearly weekly. Each time someone brags about special techniques, they could be be talking about black hat SEO tricks, such as link buying and keyword stuffing, which could lead to your website being banned permanently from search engines.

Well-Defined Needs

You cannot meet goals that you have not identified yet. Do you want to increase your sales by ranking for specific keywords? Do you want to lower your site’s bounce rate or increase your conversion rate? If your goal is to increase your ad revenue, would you rather go for a large audience or a limited one that stays longer on your site? In any case, be sure that you’re clear on the outcomes you’re looking for and the services you’ll need.

Compatible Metrics

Prior to deciding on an SEO partner, you both have to be on the same page as far as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are concerned (keyword ranking, bounce rate, etc. For example, if you are a new company with a new product, you will have unique objectives from an older company with an older product. Hence, pick an SEO partner that knows which metrics are most applicable and useful to you, and one that can summarize that information in a way that you understand.

Communication and Its Importance

You can have access to KPI tools that an SEO company uses, but there’s a good chance you’ll be too busy to go through all that data yourself. Which means you have to find an SEO specialist that will communicate with you from time to time, and very importantly, someone you can trust.

At the end of the day, remember that SEO is an ongoing process, so you’ll have to find a company that you can work with for the long term. Changing your SEO partner requires a large expense of time, energy and money, so be sure to pick well.

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